Mennonite Heritage Village
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Mennonite Heritage Village - House & Barn
Sommerfeld Church
Homesteader Gardens
Watermelon Festival

The Mennonite Heritage Village house-barn is a good example of a typical home in a village setting. The siding, shingles, windows and shutters have all been restored to be as original as possible. All funds necessary to the moving and restorations have been collected through donations and fundraising efforts.

The House & Barn joined

The house which is located on the Mennonite Heritage Village site comes from Rhineland, just south of Swift Current. It was built in 1915 and moved to Swift Current in 1992.   The House, shortly after it was moved in from Rhineland in 1992

Homes and buildings were erected in one day by the settlers through house-raising bees or barn-raising bees. The homes were built using a common blueprint and housing type brought with the early settlers from Europe and Russia.   Original Barn near the Village of Blumenhof, circa 1915


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